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Hunting Association
The Hunting Association of Kalo Chorio was established in 1983 and was originally housed in the office of the community president, whereas later on it was housed in an old Turkish-Cypriot residence. Nowadays, the Association is housed in the old Greek-Cypriot school. The Association’s objectives are to organise successful hunting expeditions, to assert the rights of the hunters, to fight poaching and to enrich the game.  

The founding members of the Association were the following:

  • Andreas Kyriakou (Lefkaritis)
  • Stavros A. Artemiou
  • Lefteris Chrysostomou
  • Stavros Plysis
  • Andreas Philippou
  • Artemios Violaris

The first chairman of the Board of Directors was Andreas Kyriakou, whereas some of the Association’s former presidents were Stavros A. Artemiou, Panayiotis Adamides, Vasos Yiasoumi and Floros Koumparis.

The Hunting Association is a member of the District Hunting Committee and they cooperate in campaigns against the fox and corvids. Additionally, spots where the game can find food and water have been created in order to ensure its survival and increase.   

The aforementioned cooperation, which was in effect while Panayiotis Adamides was chairman of the Association,  resulted in the Association acquiring a radio with which the members could contact the Game Fund, this way contributing to the fight against poaching. The support of the Association towards the Game Fund expands to the submission of suggestions regarding which areas should be open for hunting and which should be closed.   

Finally, what is worth knowing about the Association is that it actively participated in the hunters’ protest which took place in 1990. Moreover, ever since the 90s, the Association has dealt with organizing a marksmanship competition, which, since 1999, has been established as an annual event. At the same time, the Association holds dancing parties to boost its finances.    

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