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ASEN Athletic Club
The Youth Union Athletic Club (ASEN) was founded in 1959-60. The primary mover of the creation of ASEN was educator Demetrakis Vasileiou, while among the founding members were Chrysostomos Antoniou and Michalakis Philippou. Some of the club’s former chairmen are Michalakis Philippou, Michalis Theodorou and Kyriakos Antzoulis. Today, the Board of Directors is formed by: 
  • Vasos Yiasoumi – Chairman
  • Doros Theodorou – Vice-Chairman
  • Antonis Chrysostomou – Member
  • Georgios Christou – Member
  • Georgios Antzoulis – Member

At first, the club maintained a football team, which consisted of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. In 1963, the Turkish-Cypriots withdrew from ASEN and founded their own team. Later on, after the Turkish invasion, many refugees became members of ASEN.

The football team of 1960, which was the first football team of ASEN, mostly consisted of community residents, although some children from the orphanage of Larnaca sometimes played for the team. Back then, even though there was no official championship, football matches would often take place against various teams in the area. 

Nowadays, ASEN competes in the agricultural championship. What is also noteworthy is the fact that, according to the book of the community, the team managed to compete and come close to succeeding its induction to the Cyprus Football Association through the Championship of the Confederation of the Local Federations of Cyprus.   

At the same time, ever since the 1980s, ASEN has created, in cooperation with EDON, a dancing and theatrical club. Andreas Kouloumis and Thomas Mavros taught in the first club, whereas Apostolos Thoma in the second one. These clubs put on theatrical and dance performances both in the community and to other free areas of Cyprus. What is also worth noting is that ASEN has been awarded as one of the most active Clubs of Cyprus.

Most of the Athletic Club’s events take place at its private premises, which were constructed in 1979-80. One of ASEN’s most important events is the commemorative events to honour the uprising of Kileler. The event is held every March. 

Andreas Kouloumi, ASEN Athletic Club, Kalo Chorio of Larnaca, (Vuda), Course through time...., September 2008

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